SpeciMinder™ Overview

The SpeciMinder™ was designed to fulfill the role of transporting lab specimens throughout a healthcare laboratory. Security, timeliness, and reliability are key factors in evaluating this task. We are by no means eliminating jobs but rather allowing existing resources to better utilize their time. It is estimated that up to 50% of a lab technician's time is spent moving specimens from receiving to outlying specialty labs. In large healthcare facilities, the throughput and timeliness of specimen transport is adversely affected.

SpeciMinder™ Operational Description

While overqualified to be a toaster, it should be as easy to operate. In other words, an appliance not a highly sophisticated computer on wheels requiring a robotics degree to operate. The SpeciMinder™ is designed around the normal operating procedures of a typical pathology lab.

Simple illuminated pushbuttons (similar to an elevator) allow the technicians to select destinations for the specimens. The robot will stop at all selected destinations according to the most efficient route. Then return to a central dispatch area when done. The SpeciMinder™ will automatically return to its charging dock when not in use. All timers are changeable by the user via simple browser interface.

Verbal announcements and other sounds (bells, chimes, music, etc) are used by the robot to alert people to its presence and intentions. "I am going back to my dock", "I have a delivery for you" are just some of the phrases used.

As obstacles present themselves during a route, the robot quickly re-plans the path or stops and waits for the obstacle to clear. Doors and elevators can be operated wirelessly when needed.

Flexible, On-demand Specimen Transporter
  • Designed for the dynamic lab environment
  • Fully autonomous, 24 x 7 operation
  • Simple pushbutton user interface
  • Unrestricted access to payload
  • MLC - Delta 5 Rating
  • 32,000 Individual Delivery Runs
  • 50,000 Door Openings
  • 2000 Autonomous Miles Traveled
  • 5000 Charging Cycles
  • 98% Up Time (over 24 x 7 shift)

Typical Yearly Statistics


Closeup of Payload Tray

SpeciMinder in charging dock

Delivery Station

Large Payload moving thru tight spaces


Courier robot speeds lab results.

Category: Delta 5 (MLC-D5/h73)